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About Us

XPERT NETWORK is based in Botany, Manukau City, Auckland and has been in computer network business since February 2004 serving its clients throughout Auckland and other cities. We aim at giving our clients satisfactory service by providing the high level of quality service. The majority of our clients are small to medium businesses from 5 up to 40 computers, however, we’d welcome quality-conscious home users even with only 1 computer.

We pride ourselves on delivering to our clients what we have established as our core values:

  • Professionalism – Having High Level Of Skill, Timeliness in Delivery & Treating Clients’ Data with Utmost Privacy
  • Integrity – being honest, truthful, respectful, and Trustworthy
  • Priority - Putting Client’s Needs On The Top of the List
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness – Completing works in the most efficient and effective manner
  • Balance – having balance between work and other important things in life which in long term will enable us to give sustainable high quality service
  • God Honoring – Being truthful in words & works

Most of our clients have recognised our values and have been entrusting their computer system from our initial engagement and some even have referred us to other businesses, which have been our most effective means of advertising.

We stay on the more conservative approach when it comes to promise of computer service, which means that we would rather underpromise than overpromise in servicing clients computer systems, which is another reason why we retain most of our clients after initial engagement.

As one of Auckland most reliable IT Network & Hardware Support companies based out of Botany - Manukau, we are an authorized reseller for all major vendors, which means that we also guarantee to give our clients competitive prices for Computing Products and thus our clients can rest assured that they can get a one-stop computer service and sale at reasonable prices.

Our clients have also found us to be friendly & approachable which makes the whole computing experience to be more pleasant. Whenever they have a problem, we’ll explain to them in a layman term that they can understand in a friendly manner.

Besides that, at XPERT NETWORK, as much possible, we assign a computer technician to each client so that our client gets a one-on-one relationship with the computer technician and he/she is able to understand the client’s computer system better and give the best support.

The last but not least that you might like to know about us is that we keep tidy records of jobs and other data regarding your computer network system, which is one of the reasons why we can work efficient and effectively as we can pull out records as we need to easily and keep track of what has been happening with your computer network system in order to give the best support.

Feel Free to call us or drop us an email and we’ll do our best support you.


At XPERT NETWORK, we endeavour to give our clients highest quality of computer network service. In order to make it easy for our clients, we provide a ONE-STOP-SOLUTION whereby we save



We guarantee our works and we would not expect any payments if we do not produce any results with the exception of the results not achieved due to issues or anomalies with the computer or network



We can deliver high quality service to our clients because we operate based on a set of core values that we adhere to:
•    Professionalism – Having High Level Of Skill, Timeliness in Delivery & Treating 


Have a question? ASK US: 0800-2-XPERT
                                                           9 7 3 7 8