Small Business Server 2003 vs Small Business Server 2008
Main Features of SBS 2008 are essentially the same as SBS 2003 such as:
·         Centralisation of Access Security & Permission: How the Users Logon into the Network and what Permission each User has in the Network is controlled centrally on the Server and therefore a user can logon from any computers in the network using the same credentials and having the same permission.
·         Remote Web Workplace:  a front-end network-facing interface, which enables users to log in to the small business server use available services such as:
o    Remote Access to All Workstations
o    Access to Intranet, OWA
·         Outlook Web Access: Webmail
·         Intranet: Built-In Internal Website
·         SharePoint Services:  fully functional web portal that allows a company to host intranet based webpages with the following features:  Content Management system, Collaboration tools, Shared calendars and contact lists, Alerts (including e-mail alerts), Discussion Management, sharing of MS Office documents among users on the intranet
·         Exchange Server: Give s the ability to access same emails from anywhere and from any computers. The difference with normal POP3 emails hosted by Email Providers is that with Exchange Server, the emails that are in all the folders (Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Drafts, Deleted Items) will show up exactly the way you have them in your computer whereas the POP3 Emails from Email Providers only show new emails that have come into Inbox when accessed from Webmail or from other computers.

The clear benefit of SBS 2008 over SBS 2003 is the 64-Bit version which means that it can utilize the Hardware Resources to the Full and you can add Memory beyond 4 GB. There are other enhanced features in SBS 2008, however, it’s not significant to justify upgrading to SBS 2008 if you currently use SBS 2003 with NO Problem. If you'd like more info, please let us know and we can send you more details about this powerful system.

How Do I Protect Computer Equipments from Power Surges?

A: There are basically 2 options in protecting your Computer Equipments from Power Surges. The cheap option is to put a Power Surge Protection Board between your equipment and the Wall Power. However, if you have an important equipment that you’d like to protect such as Server, Terminal Server, etc, it is better to use Unterruptible Power Supply (UPS). There are three different types of UPS systems. The first is the offline type this type only starts working when the power utility goes off and then it subsequently takes power from its source. Secondly, the line interactive and thirdly, on-line this type of unit protects the load from its reserves at the same time adding more power to its reserves by taking power from the power utility. This type of unit is also known as line conditioner or power conditioner. They also come in different capacities to suit your equipment’s need. They start from as low as about $135 + GST. UPS is Great because Not only that it gives protection from Power Surges, in cases of sudden power loss, the UPS will also continue to power the computer system long enough for you to save your work and thus avoids the risk of Data Loss or Corruption.

Can I Transfer some Files using Microsoft Remote Access?

A: Yes, you can do that. Here are the Steps:

  1. Open “Remote Desktop” Client Software
  2. Click Options – Local Resources – More
  3. Under “Drives”, Check the Drive(s) that you’d like to appear on the Remote Host Computer, and Click “OK” and you’re done
  4. When you connect to the Remote Host Computer, you’ll see the Drive of your local computer will appear under “Other” section in “My Computer” as ”drivename on computer name” for example “E on WorkComputer”
  5. You can just copy and paste as you normally do on your local computer
What are the Benefits of having Microsoft Remote Access?

A: Microsoft Remote Access gives you the Ability To:

  1. Access your Files from Anywhere
  2. Copy/Transfer Files from Anywhere
  3. Print To Local Printer (With Further Setup)
  4. Play Sound on Speakers
  5. Operate according to the speed of the Remote Host Computer
  6. Have a Faster Connection in comparison to Network Access Connection
  7. Manage Software Easier (in case of Terminal Server)

I just bought a new computer about 6 months ago, why is it now slower than another computer that is 4 years old?

A: Unlike a car, computer is consisted of Hardware and Software. Although the Hardware is only 6 months old, the software might be already infected with viruses and Spyware or corrupted during 6 months time. Whereas the other computer has much older hardware but having the software in prime condition

How do I ensure that the software is prime?

A: Just like a car, Computer requires Software Tune-Up and checking periodically. The frequency required for Tune-Up depends on the activities done on the Internet. On average, we recommend it to be done in every 3 months.


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